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Founded in 1934, Wimmer’s Meats became a division of Land O’Frost in 2012. Each of the Wimmer’s, Fairbury, Ambassador and Bassett brands of specialty sausages is known for its unique taste and superior quality.

  • Wimmer’s is the premium quality choice of hot dogs and sausages for families who enjoy authentic, old-world flavor. From summer sausages smoked for 20+ hours to natural casing hot dogs, Wimmer’s has been serving the best tasting hot dogs and sausages in America since 1934. Family-owned for 80 years.

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  • Ambassador has been serving Scandinavian-style natural casing hot dogs in Minnesota since 1932. With its unique, slightly sweet flavor, these old-world hot dogs and sausages are hardwood smoked and include all natural spices, no fillers and no artificial colors or flavors.

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  • Bassett's is a brand of premium quality summer sausage available only in Minnesota and eastern South Dakota. The brand includes our famous New Ulm Summer Sausage with its unique mustard seed inclusions. Bassett's products feature only pure natural spices and natural flavorings.

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  • Everyone in Nebraska knows that Fairbury hot dogs fuel Husker Pride on game day. Bring the spirit of the game home with Fairbury hot dogs for the whole family.

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Featured Recipes

We’ve compiled recipes from our employees and friends that feature your favorite local brand. Whether you’re looking for a quick weeknight meal or a game-day appetizer, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

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In the Community

Our brands were local long before it became fashionable. We’re proud to be a part of the communities we serve. Click on each brand to see the local events we participate in. If you’ve got a picture you’d like to share with us, send it to us!


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